At my concerts, we auction special order guitars that I’ve handwritten the lyrics to some of my most popular songs on.  I also autograph and personalize these guitars to whoever bids the highest.

These guitars have sold for as high as $11,000 each at my shows.  I do this to raise money for my Non-Profit Organization, Murphey Western Institute. 

We start the bidding for these guitars at $1,000 at my shows so that we can raise as much as possible.

Which is why I’ve decided to do something unprecedented. I’m going to offer you the chance to get one of autographed guitars for a flat price of just $997, with a hard case and shipping included.  The only difference between these guitars and the ones I auction at my shows is that I won’t be writing the lyrics of any songs on these guitars.

They are simply autographed, like the one in the picture.  

They are nice playable guitars that stay in tune and you can see me playing one of these in the video above.  

And they count as a fully tax-deductible contribution to a non-profit organization, so getting one or several of them before the year is over will give you a break on your taxes. 

Murphey Western Institute is all about preserving the culture and heritage of the lifestyle of the American West. With this approach, we’ve helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for ministries, museums and other non-profits across the country, including:

  - Funding for Wild Horse Adoption and Training for Native American 

  - Restoration of the cabin in Kansas where Home on the Range was written

  - Assistance to Farmers and Ranchers hurt by Hurricane Harvey

  - Assistance to Farmers and Ranchers damaged by Colorado Blizzards, New   
    Mexico Wildfires

  - Assistance to Farmers and Ranchers damaged by Texas Panhandle 

  - Documentary Films: Frontier Forts of the American West; Home on the 
    Range; Road to Valhalla (Kansas Pre-Civil War)

  - Crossroads Horse Ministries - Teaching Working Cowboy Skills

  - Sponsorship of Western Music Performances: National Cowboy Poetry 
    Gathering; American Westfest; 

  - Public Riding Trails Restoration and Maintenance: The Colorado Trail

And I’m not going to stop until I’ve raised at least a million dollars this way so that Murphey Western Institute can continue to fulfill its mission, long after I’m gone.

Just $1,500

FREE Shipping and Hard Case Included

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